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Gospel Traders> Leading Manufacturer, Exporters, of HOT SELLING Merchandise of Collectibles Blades, Cutlery i.e. Samurai Swords , Legend of Zelda Swords , Bleach Swords , Movie Swords, Final Fantasy Swords, Anime Swords , Cartoon Swords ,Video Game Swords, Key Blades Swords. Fantasy Swords ,Military Swords , Icing Death and Twinkle Swords, Sword Canes, Damascus Blade Swords. Medieval Swords, Roman swords, Troy Movie Swords, Pirate Swords ,Wooden Swords, Swords Stands, Fantasy Knives, , Decorative Knives Laguiole Knives, Throwing Knives, Kitchen Knives, Hunting and Pocket Knives, Fishing Knives, Damascus Blade Knives, Decorative Battle Axes, Decorative Axes, Martial Arts Items ,Karate Uniforms, Throwing Stars and Bats, Decorative helmets, Decorative Shields, Movies and Cartoon Swords Blades.

If you don't find what you are looking for in our collection of collectible replica blades, movie and cartoon swords let us know.

We are your one stop source for all your Collectibles and Cutlery Products Need.

Release, Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, and Indemnity Agreement:

When you purchase any Merchandise from Gospel Traders, you represent that you are of legal age and that the Merchandise can be purchased and owned in your State, Country, and/or city of residence. By offering Merchandise for sale, Gospel Traders does not represent or warrant that any specific person may legally purchase, own, or possess the Merchandise ordered. Please check your local law. When you purchase Merchandise from Gospel Traders you agree to assume all risks related to and/or arising from your ownership and use of the Merchandise and agree to indemnity and hold Fantasy Blades Co harmless from any and all claims brought to any person or entity against Gospel Traders related to and/or arising from your ownership and/or use of the Merchandise.

Your first choice for Movie swords and prop replica's

You must 18 years or over to purchase metal blades, swords/knives.


We are consistently producing new products, so kindly check our website often for getting up to date with new produced

We hope you enjoy the website.

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